Exploring Bluewater Lake State Park

August 26, 2022

I spent two incredible nights at Bluewater Lake State Park this weekend.

I’m not big on camping at state parks because of the reserved, close proximity camping. But I lucked out because there was hardly anyone at the campground!

This park is located just outside Grants, New Mexico, and it had been raining quite a bit, so it was gloriously cool and cloudy both nights I was there.

I did some work at a local cafe on Friday.

Then I hiked to the dam and enjoyed the sprinkles and spectacular views.

Before bed, I sat and watched the lightening and thunder!


Saturday was sunny, but cool.

I slept like a rock, so peaceful and content. Then I hiked the trail that led through the brush, still wet from the rain that night. I was also the first on the trail which meant I had the pleasure of walking through ALL the spiderwebs. Bleh.

But, it was worth it.

The wildflowers were poppin’ and the sites were amazing.

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Exploring Bluewater Lake State Park
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