Six Months of Being Home in the Desert

August 25, 2022

Today marks six months of being home in the desert.

I’m so glad I listened to that intuitive calling last summer.

Home, family, color, culture, and the magic that is this strange and dusty landscape (that’s shockingly green this year!) have refilled my very depleted well.

I left Colorado a little shell-shocked after some intense experiences and a bit bruised and battered from the year before. I was emptied out and depleted but right on the verge of such a spectacular rebirth. Being home with family in the land of enchantment has been exactly what my soul needed to heal, integrate, and expand immensely.

I feel so alive.

So connected to myself and my work.

So fully present and surrendered.

So open and trusting.

I’m happy.

Deeply delighted, lit up, and turned on by life.

Effortlessly aligning with what I want.

Bringing my big visions to fruition.

Moving was a massive act of alignment, and it opened me and my life to so much. I’m beyond grateful for every step of this journey. For all the growing pains that prompted me to dig into my healing on such a profound and thorough level. For every terrifying lesson in trust that forced me to release my grip and surrender to the unfolding. For all the people who expanded me, opened me, broke me down, and built me up, shaking loose the aspects of self and ways of being that were limiting my expression and truth.

Six beautiful and healing months home in the desert, and so much more that’s only beginning to unfold.

I love this life.

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