This Year Taught Me Surrender

August 2, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I filmed a vlog that I’ve yet to edit… one where I talk about deciding between going month-to-month on my lease as I continued the search for a new place to live, or choosing to re-sign for six more months since things weren’t flowing like I thought they would.

When I filmed that vlog, I had no idea how different my life was about to look. I had no idea that things would change so much, in ways that have been as beautiful and fulfilling as they’ve been challenging and heart-wrenching.

But I’m not surprised, because surrender has been a theme for me this year (as I’m sure it’s been for everyone else in the world). Opening my heart, releasing my grip, being fully present with where I’m at, and allowing life to unfold in its own time rather than forcing things to happen.

This year has done nothing but teach me how to soften. And for that, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to express how grateful I am.

I’ve done more healing and growth than I knew was possible in such a short time, and yet it feels as though nothing has really happened at all if I compare it to where I thought I’d be right now. What I thought this year, my life, and my work would look like. And that’s okay because my life, relationships, and work are on track to be better than anything I could have possibly planned for.

Trust and release, friends. ????⁣

(And watch for a new vlog very soon!)

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