It’s Not Easy to Choose Truth

August 3, 2020

Even when it hurts our hearts and breaks our souls, we will often choose to believe the stories that reinforce our core wounding rather than decide to grow beyond them.

Because when we feed our core wounds their favorite thoughts, stories, beliefs, and feelings, it reinforces our worldview. And even if that worldview limits what we believe is possible or keeps us small, it’s known and familiar. It’s comfortable, no matter how much it weighs us down.

It’s not easy to choose truth.

To look honestly at ourselves and a situation, stepping out of the interpretations and meaning rooted in the past. To dig in and uncover the lessons and the gifts that will lead us to growth. To choose to become more and do the work to create all that we desire.

We need self-awareness.

The ability to notice that particular flavor of feeling that comes with our core wound. The willingness to choose a new response—one that doesn’t feed the old lies we hold inside our hearts and allows us to step into something new instead.

It’s been a process for me to step outside my core wounding and choose to see the truth. About myself, how I’m showing up, and the outcomes I’m creating. Me and no one else.

Sure, other people play their part in the equation… but I chose to create an experience with them. Made decisions and took actions (or not) that lead to certain outcomes. Owning that isn’t about beating myself up; it’s about taking responsibility for my life and experience. It’s about gathering the insights and information necessary for actual growth and healing.

Choose something different today.⁣
Choose truth over the old lies and outdated beliefs.⁣
Choose presence over past interpretations.⁣
Choose growth over staying small.

I know it’s hard and scary to face yourself, but it will become second nature in time. And the outcomes you create for yourself, your life, your work, and your relationships will be motivation enough to keep at it.


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