Be Happy That You’re Sad

August 3, 2020

Here’s a huge oxymoron for you today: Be happy that you’re sad.

Be happy that you’re sad because you’ve matured enough in your emotions to recognize sadness, without hiding it behind a secondary feeling. Be happy that you’re sad because you’ve grown enough to be comfortable with allowing it to be what it is. Be happy that you’re sad because it means you’re aware that something isn’t quite right, and you’re not able to take actions to create the changes you desire.

No one’s denying that sadness doesn’t feel awesome. But sadness is also an opportunity to lean deeper into trusting yourself and what your emotions are telling you.

Let yourself sit with the discomfort. Allow yourself to explore what’s behind the sadness, deeper into fears, regrets, and the unknowns that throw us off kilter.

Be happy that you’re sad because you’re FEELING it fully… and that means that you’re moving it through. And if you keep doing that without getting stuck or stewing or telling yourself stories? Pretty soon going to be really, truly, deeply happy.


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