5 Tips to Give Your Productivity a Nudge

July 28, 2020

I’m sure we can all agree that staying productive is pretty effortless when you’re doing what you love. However, sometimes distractions slowly start to creep in, and your focus isn’t as sharp as before.

Nodding your head here?

What you’re experiencing is absolutely normal, and it’s happened to everyone at some point.

Here are the five tips that have helped me the most to reclaim back my productivity!

1. Change the location

A change of scenery sounds… pretty basic if we’re honest, but trust me, it can do wonders for your productivity.

There are plenty of options to consider: co-working places, cafés, and even libraries or public parks.

Granted, with the current restrictions in place, it’s a lot more difficult to change where you work. But even switching rooms or maybe stepping to work outside on the patio may prove to be enough.

2. Give yourself permission to rest

Okay, so I’m guilty of this too sometimes: I take the day off but then spend the WHOLE day thinking about work AND feeling guilty because I’m not working.

It took me a burnout (or two!) to learn this lesson the hard way.

Rest is crucial, not optional.

If you notice you’re tired and just not keeping up with work as well as you used to, there’s nothing that can jumpstart your productivity better than giving yourself permission to rest!

3. Skip the to-do list…

…and instead introduce a want-to list.

It’s going to feel like a mental switch has been turned on in your brain.

Being forced to do something from a list that feels dreadful and heavy? Not cool.

Wanting to do something so you can hit a new goal? Let me get that done ASAP!

True, you won’t always feel like wanting to do something.

But trust me, the workload feels so much lighter when you remind yourself that you’re doing this because you love it, not because you’re forced into it.

4. Batches are the holy grail of productivity

Batching work is the single biggest favor you can do to yourself. You can even batch house chores and save time on cooking meals or doing laundry!

The secret lies in completing a large batch of work at once by using the power of repetition.

So let’s say, set a goal to write all of your social media posts for the next two weeks or all of your blog posts for a month. Then schedule the time and only work on that task for several hours, with no distractions.

Rinse and repeat for any other activity you’d like!

5. Plan for rewards at the end of the day

All work and no fun makes… well, you know how the saying goes.

If you’re in this for the long run, that means you’ll learn to celebrate and enjoy the process, not only the big milestones. 

My secret spice to enjoying the process is giving myself small rewards at the end of each day. For example, once I complete all work I get to lay by the lake or chat with a friend.

You can do whatever you enjoy – squeeze in a workout or a yoga class or just watch your favorite reality TV! Everything works as long as it rejuvenates your energy!

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Tell me, what do you do to stay productive?

Leave me a comment and let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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