I’ve Been Practicing a Profound Level of Presence

May 2, 2022

I’ve been practicing a profound level of presence since landing in New Mexico.

Being where my feet are, engaging with what and who is right in front of me, and really experiencing every moment for exactly what it is.

It’s been wildly healing and expansive.

A simple practice and one of the first things I ever learned on this personal growth journey. Only now—paired with nearly two decades of new skills, awarenesses, and clarity around who I am and who I’m becoming—it feels transformational on entirely new levels.

I’m not just being in each experience.

I’m choosing to let the past live in the past while consciously creating each moment with intention. Actively stepping into new habits, beliefs, thought patterns, and ways of being that shift the odds, unfold new pathways, and make the things I desire inevitable.

The past, those experiences, the people that came with them, and who I was are wholly irrelevant. They carry no weight, have no influence, and bear no impact on anything. What matters is where I stand now, where I want to go, and who I need to be to collapse time, making seemingly impossible things happen rapidly.

Does that mean I’m free from old traumas, core wounds, or limiting beliefs?

No, not necessarily.

Some things fall away with ease from this new space, and some things still require processing to remove them from my body and nervous system.

When they arise, I let myself be with them. Not the stories or interpretations, just the feelings and somatic memories. Then I do the work and get the support necessary to move them out so that they no longer influence my present experiences or limit my ability to step into what’s next.

It’s a practice.

One I’m imperfect at… yet deeply committed to.

One that I’ve become more and more disciplined around, enlisting incredible support and helping hands along the way.

I can’t wait to see what else comes from it.

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