The Three Things You Need to Do to Create a Loving and Supportive Community in Your Life

September 20, 2011

This past weekend I spent three full days with over 20 highly inspirational, wildly creative, loving and supportive women at a gorgeous resort in Playa Mujeres, Mexico. I came here for the final retreat of the 2011 Adventure Mastermind program with Marie Forleo.

The support, coaching and personal transformation I’ve experienced during this program has absolutely changed my life in the most unexpected ways! I’m in awe of the amazing things a person can accomplish in their life, simply by incorporating the right support system.

I want you to have this too, because you deserve it.

Creating a Loving, Inspirational and Supportive Tribe

Identity and surround yourself with the right mentors.

When it comes to selecting a mentor, you have to start by finding those that really align with your beliefs, values and aspirations. Whether you want to create a successful business or find a healthy, loving relationship, there is a perfect mentor for that situation and your personality. Don’t just run out and find the biggest name you can, take your time selecting the people that you want to learn and grow with.

Also, finding a mentor does not mean you have to run out and purchase a program and service. Your chosen mentor may have a book, a blog packed with valuable content, a lively twitter account or some free events that you can attend. It’s more about inviting the right people into your life to guide you and help cultivate growth.

Consider befriending a colleage at a level you aspire to reach. Get to know experienced and respected experts in your area of interest, be it art, business, cooking or singing. Take a class and be the best, most engaged student that you can be.

Create your own mastermind group or personal support tribe.

In addition to having a mentor, you need to form a group of supportive, loving and like-minded individuals. These are more than just friends and family, they’re your personal cheerleaders, sounding board and, most importantly, people who GET what you’re working to create in your life. I can not stress enough how important it is to have others that really understand and value what it is you’re doing.

Start by getting involved in communities and groups that are home to like-minded individuals. Entrepreneur networking events, personal development workshops, mastermind meetup groups… they exist, it’s just a matter of figuring out where the people you need to meet may already be hanging out! If you can’t find one, create it. is one of the best sites for creating a local community around your specific interests.

Clear space in your life for the right support to appear.

If you remember in my post about attracting the right people into your life, I talk about how deterring the wrong people creates the SPACE for the RIGHT people to show up. If you want to attract a supportive and loving tribe, you need to clear out the people that don’t presently support the life you want to create.

Take action now!

Do you presently have a support system, mastermind group, mentor or tribe in your life?

If yes, please leave a comment with your thoughts and insights around having this type of support in place. If not, leave a comment below with what steps you intend to take THIS WEEK to create space for, or invite, the right people to enter your life.

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