It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense to Anyone Else

July 15, 2022

It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else to be right or true.

It doesn’t have to fit into people’s expectations, what they’ve always done, or what works for them.

Some of the most instrumental decisions I’ve made in my life and business have gone against what’s status quo in my industry, what’s “best” strategically, and what mentors or experts have told me to do.

I launched the first program I ever created against the advisement of my very, very expensive mastermind coach (who was the leader in online marketing and business then). She told me not to launch it, that it wasn’t a good idea and wouldn’t work. I listened to my gut and launched it anyway, and it’s changed so many lives over the years.

The best thing I did to move myself and my body of work forward during the years I felt so lost and disconnected after loss and trauma was to pull down seven years of websites and content. Seven. Years. My mentor nearly fell out of his chair and still shakes his head about it. Call of the Void® and Journey Mapping™ wouldn’t exist had I not trusted myself.

The most incredible opportunities come to me when I create, show up, build, and market in ways that feel aligned for me and my energetics. Things like being asked to contribute to massive publications arrive in my inbox without any effort from me. When I’m doing what people tell me not to do and when my “strategies” don’t make sense.

The things I believed made me unlovable, weird, and a little bit crazy are the things that have brought me the most success. The parts I believed were broken in me are the aspects that allow me to change lives worldwide simply by sharing them fully. The personality traits that made me feel like I didn’t belong are the aspects that have brought me the most incredible connections over the years.

We can’t live our purpose if we can’t embrace the pieces that feel different, misunderstood, or abnormal. We can’t find our right communities or align with the opportunities designed for our truest selves.

If we can’t continue stepping into our fullest expression regardless of whether or not people get it, like it, judge or embrace it, we can’t bring our biggest, most important visions and desires to life.

We can find people.

We can cultivate opportunities.

We can accumulate all kinds of successes.

But not at the level we were built and designed for. Not at the scale or scope we were wired to fulfill. Not in a way that’s truly, deeply, soul-level fulfilling.

Join me for the Misunderstood Masterclass and group process on Wednesday, July 27th, and let’s deepen into these beautiful, unique, potent aspects of self together so that you can feel safe and free to show up as the person you’re here to be.

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