Don’t Be Afraid to Say No to Things That Are “Better”

November 27, 2022

Don’t be afraid to say no to the opportunities, people, and things that are “better” but not what you really want.

You can have what you envision, but you have to be a match for it. And settling for less than you desire isn’t being on the frequency of what you want. It’s being on the frequency of “close enough” and “I’m afraid I won’t come across anything better.”

I’ve been learning to say “no, thank you” more often since the beginning of this year when I found myself in a situation that was so much of what I wanted on paper. In reality it wasn’t anything close to what I truly desired. It was just the closest I’d gotten, and I was afraid it would be impossible to find something better.

But I found the courage to say no and walk away.

I found the strength to face forward with full faith.

And life opened to me like never before.

Better and more aligned things came one after another, and I kept saying “no, thank you” until I got exactly what I wanted. Truth be told, I’m still saying, “no, thank you” in many areas even as what arrives gets more and more nourishing to my heart and soul. I’m allowing the things that are better and more aligned to expand my subconscious beliefs around what’s possible rather than causing me to worry that “this is as good as it gets.” I see each experience as a learning opportunity and an invitation to anchor into new ways of being more rapidly.

The limits to what’s possible for you and how many “chances” you get are manufactured in your mind, but they’re not a reality.

This life is rich with opportunity and possibilities, but we must learn to operate from a completely different paradigm. And we must be willing to say no to what’s not truly aligned for us, no matter how close it seems to be. We have to know our non-negotiables and refuse to compromise on them. We must silence scarcity, fear, and doubt and lean into faith.

We have to be grateful as the opportunities, people, and things arrive in better and better form while holding steady in our standards.

It’s so, so worth it, friends.

And I’m beyond grateful to that nearly-year-ago me for choosing faith over fear and letting go so that I could align with far better.

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