There’s No Shortage of Options or Opportunities

March 20, 2022

There’s a whole world filled with people we don’t even know exist yet, and maybe never will. There are more paths and possibilities than we’ll ever have time to experience or explore.

There’s no shortage of options or opportunities if we’re willing to stay open and surrender to the natural unfolding of life.

If we don’t give up and settle into despair because the one person, path, or particular possibility we so desperately wanted didn’t work out. There’s no scarcity for those willing to get back up after every fall or failure. For those aware that when a door shuts in our face, or we slam straight into an immovable wall, all we have to do is turn and start walking in a different direction. Reconnecting to the heart of our desire and releasing our attachment to how it all has to look.

That doesn’t mean we don’t feel our feelings and tend to our broken hearts.

It just means we don’t quit.

It just means we trust ourselves to find a new path or possibility and to pursue it wholeheartedly as many times as it takes.

It just means we recognize that we don’t always know what’s the best and most aligned ending to our story until we stumble into it after a series of frustrating redirections.

Set your sights.

Hold the vision and desire in your heart.

Move towards it however you can.

And surrender as many times as it takes.

You’ll find your way.

And it may very well be a million times better than you ever could have dreamed of.

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