Inviting In and Tolerating Halfhearted Support

May 6, 2021

I’ve invited in and tolerated a lot of halfhearted support in my life.

Support that didn’t really consider me and my truth or experience. Support that was damaging or retraumatizing. Support that was unreliable and inconsistent. Support that demanded I do or be something in return. Support that was held over my head (for literal years at times).

So, really, it was never actually support.

Wholehearted has been a focus for me since around my birthday in November. Being wholehearted in my life and everything I do, and inviting in wholehearted support and relationships in all areas.

I’ve spent my life settling for less because I thought I had to. Because it’s all that was on offer and people told me I should be grateful for what was given and that it was selfish and greedy to desire more.

That’s bull$#!+, of course.

We’re allowed to desire more and tolerate less simply because that’s how we feel. Simply because what’s on offer doesn’t feel aligned or fulfilling. We can be grateful and say no, thank you. We can be loving and walk away from someone or something others deem good enough (or even great). We can give grace without tolerating less than is tolerable for us.

Trust yourself, use your discernment, and hold yourself with higher regard.

You deserve more and better.
Simply because you want it.

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