Intuition Doesn’t Always Make Sense Until Later

August 3, 2022

Intuition doesn’t always make sense until after we follow its nudges and guidance.

Sometimes those visions and visceral knowings never come clear when we choose to trust them immediately and without question.

Last year an option for living in the mountains was presented to me.

Where I’d be and who I’d be there with.

The moment the option was offered, I had a clear vision (my intuition has become far more visual in the last few years). It was dark, isolating, depressing, and heavy. It felt suffocating in a threatening way, like being trapped in a cave. It didn’t make any sense based on the factors and circumstances at the time, but I said no anyway, assigning the reasons to the location itself and not the person or situation as a whole.

Several months later, the reason became undeniably clear.

It wasn’t the reasons I thought it might be — the ones that made logical sense. Nope. It was for reasons I could never have guessed, and I’ve never been more grateful I said no to something without logic to back it up.

There have been other times in my life where I’ve said no to a place, client, project, or opportunity because of the intuitive vision or feelings that came up. I didn’t try to make them make sense or override the clear “no.” I just listened and moved on. I’ll never know why they were a no. I’ll never know if the clients and projects were awful and draining or if the opportunity would’ve cost me my sanity. I’ll never know if the people were nice or awful or if the places were comfortable or chaotic.

But that’s intuition, and that’s trust.

I don’t have to know; I just have to trust what my inner knowing says.

I don’t have to see the reason or stick around to find out.

I don’t have to defend or justify it to myself or anyone else.

I know what’s a no, and I know what’s a yes.

I also know when it’s simply fear that feels like a no.

I know myself, I know my body, I know my intuition. Any time I’ve questioned or doubted, or tried to prove myself wrong, I’m always reminded that my intuition is a dependable source of wisdom and guidance.

Every. Time.

Build that muscle, friends.

It’s everything.

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