Intuition is Powerful, and Energy is Everywhere

February 26, 2014


This month I have the honor of hosting my good friend Marlo Nikkila in the My Awesome Life Mastery™ space as a guest expert.

In honor of having Marlo with us, I wanted to share a quick story about the power of intuition. When I was living in Hawaii, I started a local meetup group because I wanted to start doing workshops and create a community like this locally. Quite a few great people joined, but when Marlo joined I took one look at her picture and this powerful excited energy washed over me. I needed to meet her. I just knew she was someone I was supposed to know and our friendship has been one of the most fulfilling of my life.

THIS is the power of intuition.

It would’ve been easy to dismiss that random energy and not act on it, as it is in many situations. But I didn’t, and Marlo had the same experience on her end.

Energy is powerful my friends and it’s in everything around us.

There’s energy in a photo, text message, or email, the same as there is in a real life interaction. The more in-tune you become with your intuition, the more easily you can read it in other spaces. I’ve dated, hired and become friends with people simply because of the energy their email, photo or text carried. There was nothing notable about any of those things on their own, there was only the energy attached to it.

Start to trust yourself. 🙂

Photo Credit: ginnerobot via Compfight cc

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