How to Discern if the Voice is Fear or Intuition

March 20, 2020

Listen to your gut, they say. It knows all the answers! I agree, wholeheartedly. Your intuition knows so much more than your mind because it picks up on the subtly shifts in energy and intention from all kinds of sources.

But did you know that sometimes, that voice at the back of your mind isn’t your intuition – it’s actually fear, trying to keep you inside your comfort zone? It’s true. Just because you feel tension and resistance doesn’t mean you’re getting a ‘no’ from your intuition.

So whenever you’re not certain who’s doing the talking – gut or fear – do a quick test.

Did the tension and resistance come up in your BODY immediately? Or did you think a thought that caused you to feel fear, which in turn caused the physical sensations?

Discernment is key.

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