You Alone Have the Power to Decide if Change Is Scary

March 18, 2020

Change is scary.
And change is hard.
But it’s rarely “bad.”

Yes, throughout periods of change, there may be a bad patch here and there – but that’s how you grow. There’s always tension and growing pains when our soul is being stretched and our hearts are forced to hold more than we ever knew we could.

Yes, it can be scary to step into the unknown – but there’s nothing that feels as scary as fearing fear.

Yes, it can be hard to give up on everything you’ve known – but it’s even harder to wake up every day and face a life you don’t like.  

You and you alone give meaning to things – you have the power to decide what change is.

It can be scary but it can be exciting too… you get to decide! And pro tip? It can be BOTH. Truly. Terrifying and exhilarating. Heartbreaking and beautiful.

Next time your brain tries to trick you into thinking your next goal is too big and too scary and too hard… ask yourself, compared to what?

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