June Was…

July 9, 2014


The fullest, busiest, craziest month of the year so far.

My first 5K and beating my arbitrary goal of 35min without stopping!

My professional photo shoot with the fabulous Erika Astrid.

First proofs and new favorite flowers (aka, African Daisies).

My house going under contract in just 6 days on the market.

Baseball games, awesome Thai massages, and a breakfast date with this cutie.

Sunrises, self care, shelfies and lots of snuggling.

Vegan dining dates, Maya at the museum, and sitting out by the pool.

Lots of packing, pretty pots of flowers, and an awesome new apartment.

Road tripping with my guy, New Mexico food tour, and Jack!

Celebrating my first baby sister’s wedding.

New ring bling and delicious (oh so delicious) sopapilla delights.

Getting back to the gym (and loving it).

Schooling my guy in Super Nintendo’s Donkey Kong!

Easy closing, moving days, back injuries, and saying goodbye to my first house.

The long anticipated release of my first book, Awesome Life Tips!

Challenging, exhausting, and never-ending.

Filled with release, purging, and detoxing on all levels.

Tear inducing, sleep depriving, and yet still pretty amazing.

Filled with joy, release, new beginnings, and awesome changes.

Maxed out, like crazily so.

Happily behind me.

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