Managing Stress as We Go for More and Level Up

March 31, 2021

It’s been a stressful several months on top of a chaotic year.

Having dealt with adrenal fatigue after loss and trauma, I don’t mess around when I start to feel that familiar lag deep in my bones.

As a society, we wear stress as a badge of honor, taking pride in being too busy, too stressed, and too important to slow down. But too much takes its toll on our mental and emotional health, which begins to tax our bodies in ways we don’t expect. In ways that can take far more time than we believe we have to give to truly heal and come back from.

I’m sharing a little bit of my experience with adrenal fatigue and what I’m doing to nourish my mind, body, and soul right now.

Going for more and doing the impossible in our lives and businesses is scary and stressful at times. If we don’t have a solid foundation in terms of our health, it’s easy to throw our entire system out of whack. And when we don’t feel optimal or have a well of energy, that’s just another thing our subconscious can latch onto to get us to stop.

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