Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area

March 29, 2021

Over the weekend I went on a hike with my guy to the The Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse area outside of Grand Junction.

It was a beautiful spring day and I’m trying to spend as much time outside this season as I’m able.

I wouldn’t recommend this hike on a hot summer afternoon, as there’s zero coverage from the sun. But on a spring day with high 60’s like we had, it was absolutely perfect. You could even see some of the recent snow in the distance!

There’s a solid uphill section to and from the parking lot, but it’s mostly flat down in the canyon along the little creek. Sand, cacti, and rock with lots of desert critters to be seen. We saw some people out riding, but the little packs of wild horses was so cool to see. Some were just grazing by the trails, and others came running right past us!


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