Creating Context for The “Impossible” Things We Want

March 29, 2021

Sometimes we have no context for what we want to create because we’ve never experienced or seen it modeled. We wouldn’t even know where to begin other than stating what it’s definitely not.

But knowing what it’s not is a start.

Because then we can be curious about what it might be for us instead.

It’s taken me years to heal from the trauma of my loss and the abuse that followed—to reclaim myself after an even longer period of misguided, unfulfilling, and toxic forms of love and relationship. To be able to say I know what the right relationship looks like for me and what I want to create. Because I did the work of healing what was disordered and traumatic while also continuously asking the hard questions of myself and everyone around me. Because I never stopped challenging the often screwed-up societal definitions of what love is.

It took me several years to find my path in business because I was already walking in a direction I thought was right for me. A direction I was great at but never felt fully aligned. It took trying different things on for size, a ton of trial and error, and many mishaps and mistakes along the way. Creating the soul-aligned company I have today required a lot of risk, exploration, and a willingness to surrender to the unfolding over a much more extended period than I desired.

I did the work.⁣

And I didn’t stop.

As humans, we tend to stop short the second things feel confusing, uncertain, or more challenging than we want. But that’s right where the good stuff begins to reveal itself. Our truth, the answers we’re seeking, the path to making impossible things happen in all areas of our lives. It’s where true transformation begins to take root.

Keep leaning into the unknown.⁣
Keep asking the questions with no answer.⁣
Keep name what you don’t want.⁣
Keep exploring what you might want instead.

Be willing to get uncomfortable and keep leaning in—that’s the only way.

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