Speaking Our Truth Will Always Get Us What We Want

March 26, 2021

Speaking our truth will always get us what we want.

Not always in this moment.
Not always with the person we want.
Not always in the ways we hope it will go.

But it will move us forward.

Speaking our truth forces everyone and everything around us to align or fall away. When we state our wants and needs, making clear requests in the process, people either choose to meet them, negotiate them, or remove themselves from the conversation. When we make it clear where we stand on a particular issue or experience, others will join us in our rally cry or decide we’re not aligned for them anymore. When we hold our boundaries, operate in ways that suit our goals, and make it clear how we work, clients, opportunities, or employers either agree or tell us no.

The thing is…

A no moves us forward as much as a yes.
A rejection aligns us with the right acceptance.
A goodbye always leads to a new hello.
An ending always opens into a new beginning.


So speak your truth as loud and lovingly as you can. Do it cleanly from a place of clarity and desire, not trigger and reaction. Stay rooted in what’s true and aligned for you, and don’t settle for anything less. Negotiate where you want and be firm around the hard lines you’ve drawn for yourself, your worth, your sanity, and your heart. Only you know what those are for you.

And if you get a no, a rejection, a goodbye, or an ending, trust the process. Grieve the losses you didn’t want and keep yourself open to the possibility of what comes next. What CAN come next now that you’ve got clarity on what isn’t working and who isn’t on board.

And keep moving forward.

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