The Feelings of Loss and Grief

March 25, 2021

There’s no right or wrong way to process the feelings that follow loss.

Some people feel the blow immediately, right then and there. Others feel nothing at first, only to be swallowed up by it all later.

As long as we’re feeling everything fully and productively, we’re going to make our way out from the deep end in time.

Grief is a chaotic cocktail of emotions—a maddening mix of sadness, remorse, disappointment, and anger. It can feel wildly overwhelming and unsettling to experience the end of your life as you know it.

But no matter how you choose to feel and heal through your loss, remember this: be gentle, patient, and loving toward yourself.

Lower the expectations you have of yourself. Let yourself off the hook on things that aren’t important or necessary. Give yourself the grace to feel happy on good days and terrible on bad days. Allow yourself to mourn the losses. Even if no one died, a part of you or your life did.

It’s only when you give yourself the space to feel it all that you can transform this season of loss into one of growth. It’s only when you’ve processed everything out that you can begin stepping wholeheartedly into what comes next. That takes time and intention.

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