Activate Module


When you’re aligned and showing up in your fullest expression, aspects of your deepest and highest self open up and become available, allowing your purpose to reveal itself. But it’s more than just clarity about what our purpose is; it’s about energetics and embodiment. Our purpose doesn’t become active in our being until we’re operating from the frequency of our desires, trusting in ourselves and our inner knowing, and allowing our legacy and vision to lead us forward.

In this module, you’ll move through five conversations, workshops, and experiences that will activate your purpose, including:

  • Pinpoint Your Passions and Purpose
  • Uncover the Work You’re Here to Do
  • Move Through the Terror Barrier with Grace and Ease
  • The Energetics and Embodiment of Living Your Legacy
  • Learning to Let Life Support You

Align calls will take place Monday, September 26th through Friday, September 30th (times vary each day between 1pm EDT and 5:30pm EDT). There will be additional office hours for laser one-on-one coaching on Monday, October 3rd, plus a group process on Wednesday, October 5th, both at 5:30pm EDT.

Price after the program starts: $333 for each modules, full program for $777.