Align Module


We’re always in alignment; the question is, with what?

In order to live our purpose, we have to show up as our most fully expressed self and live in total alignment with what feels right and true for us. But that’s not as easy as it sounds because we have years and years of subconscious programming, limiting beliefs, fears, traumas, unresolved grief, and unprocessed emotions that are holding us back from knowing our truest selves and living on the frequency of our desires.

In this module, you’ll move through five conversations, workshops, and experiences that will bring you into alignment, including:

  • Creating Leverage for True Freedom and Alignment
  • Knowing Yourself and Identifying Your Unique Energetics
  • Repatterning Your Subconscious for Fuller Expression
  • Reconnecting With Your Intuitive Guidance System
  • Clearing Unresolved Grief and Trauma

Align calls will take place Monday, September 12th through Friday, September 19th (times vary each day between 1pm EDT and 5:30pm EDT). There will be additional office hours for laser one-on-one coaching on Monday, September 19th, plus a group process on Wednesday, September 21st, both at 5:30pm EDT.

Price after the program starts: $333 for each modules, full program for $777.