Cultivate Compassion Self-Coaching Guide


We have to practice compassion to create fulfilling and thriving relationships with others and ourselves. This can deepen our connection with others and build a nurturing relationship with ourselves; it can also help us create amicable relationships with the people we struggle with most! This guide will walk you through the process of cultivating compassion around any person, connection, or situation.

Compassion is simply empathy and understanding another person’s experience in each situation, paired with the desire to offer love and support. You see where someone is coming from, you put yourself in their shoes, and you experience what they’re experiencing, creating connection and a genuine desire to support them. It can feel hard to be compassionate in certain situations and with certain people… maybe even with yourself!

But, I promise it’s possible, and the benefits are tremendous. One of my favorite sayings is, “you cannot hate or fear anything you truly understand.” Compassion is all about understanding, which releases contractive emotions. When applying compassion to your own life and experiences, you give yourself the love and support you crave, rather than being the person that berates or belittles you.

Are you ready to cultivate compassion in your life and relationships? Let’s get to work…

These Awesome Life Guide Quickies are some of the exact exercises and tools I give my program members and one-on-one coaching clients to work through some of their biggest blocks.

Because we all experience the same blocks and obstacles, I wanted to create these guides so that you can choose to work on one specific issue as needed, as many times as it takes. Quickies are delivered as PDF documents via email just moments after you send payment. This means you can print them out, read them on your computer or smart phone, or load them onto your e-reader!