Trusting Your Intuition Over Feedback

August 27, 2019

Someone recently asked me, “How do you find balance between intuition, intention, and corrections?”

This was related to #TheUnravelBook heading into edits and rewrites, and I thought it was a GREAT question to address related to creation, ideas, and business building of all kinds.

For one, learning discernment around what feedback is relevant or worth listening to and receiving has been a HUGE aspect of my growth as a person and a business owner.

Not everyone’s opinion matters. Not everyone is going to understand what you’re doing and why. Very few people will actually be able to see and share in your vision when you’re trying to ‘do the impossible’. So, discernment around who to listen to and when has been everything important.

Second, I trust myself, my voice, my vision, and my intuition immensely. I M M E N S E L Y. There are still areas of my life where I’ve had to work on this… personal relationships, for example… but when it comes to my business, what I’m creating, my body of work, and my voice, I trust myself without a doubt.

I’ve paid Big Name coaches a LOT of money just to ignore them. I’ve gone against what peers, friends, and mentors have told me to do… what they’ve determined will and will not work… and created some of my favorite and most profitable offerings because of it.

Trust, trust, trust.
In yourself, your vision, your voice.

Hear more about how this relates to my book in today’s vlog…

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