Letting Go of What Others Think

August 27, 2019

Letting go of what others think of me, want from me, expect of me, desire from me has been a process… one that’s lead to far more peace and freedom.

It’s given me a far greater ability to create what I desire, because I’m no longer confined by the ‘rules’ others try to set. I’m not here to be someone else’s version of myself… what they want and desire, or the specific role they need me to fill to feel safe and secure. I’m here to be me.

Imperfect, flawed, intense, endlessly feeling, exhaustingly creative, curious, stubborn, purpose-driven, and passionate to no end.

And you?
You’re here to be you.

Not what someone else wants.
Not what someone else needs.
Not what someone else desires.
Not what someone else expects.
Not what someone else decides.

This is especially important in the aftermath of big life changes or transitions, those moments that bring us to our knees, altering everything we know to be true about ourselves, our lives, our work, our relationships, and the world around us. The moments that tip us over and turn us inside out.

Sometimes these moments are horrible and heartbreaking.
And sometimes they’re simple or subtle.

Regardless, we are changed.

We are thrust onto a new path, a different journey, and into a new way of being. We are forced to heal and grow, to become something we’ve never been. We’re broken open in ways we’re not sure we can survive, in ways that make it impossible to go back to what we had or were before.

In order to uncover the purpose of your path… you have to be willing to let go of what other people think, want, expect, and desire.

It won’t be anything close to easy.
It might even hurt like hell.

But it will be worth it in ways you can’t understand until you do it.

Trust in yourself.
Who you are and who you’re becoming.

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