Be the Version of Yourself Who Has What You Desire

June 7, 2021

You have to be the version of yourself who has what you desire, and you have to be them now.

Not someday. Not once you have the things. Not once it feels possible.

Right now. Today. This minute.

It’s easy to slip into fear and doubt. To feel like an imposter when you’re so far from everything you desire. But you’re only far from it on paper, not in reality.

The truth is, you can quickly create what you want—even the most “impossible” of desires—when you shift your way of being. But it’s not “fake it til you make it.” It’s a total mind/being shift. It’s in your energy, thoughts and beliefs, and how you move through and engage with the world. It’s in how you show up and the types of conversations you’re engaging in.

“I tried, and it didn’t work,” you might think.

And I’m sure you did.

I remember how hard I tried to create changes in my life over the years, producing little to no results. That’s because I hadn’t done the deeper work of understanding mindset and how to shift it. I didn’t know what “ways of being” even meant, let alone how to change mine. I took different actions but engaged in the same old conversations, internally and externally. I fell back into old patterns and belief systems, especially when it came to my core wounds. I did things unconsciously to reinforce my old paradigm and worldview, to stay in the known and familiar even when I hated everything about it.

This work is mind-bendy, to be sure.

But it’s always accessible to us.

Let me help you drop into these new ways of thinking, believing, and being. Let me show you just how possible it is to make all those impossible things happen rapidly.

I’ve been experimenting with this in my own life and with my clients over the last several years, and magical transformations have occurred.

I’m taking on new one-on-one clients, and Coaching + Community is always available at a wildly affordable price.

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