A Long Overdue Visit to My Love

August 21, 2021

Moab has my heart.

And I hadn’t been since sometime in the spring.

But when I saw that a storm was rolling through and dropping temperatures out that way, it felt like the perfect time to get back to my happy place.

It was quite a storm. 😅

I found a spot by the river with hardly anyone around.

After getting set up, I headed into town for some food and walking.

I hung out in the back of the rig while it rained.

And it rained most of the night, which was awesome.

The next day was beautiful and sunny, with all the perfect and cool late summer weather I love.

The river was still a bit too muddy for swimming, but I still lounged around and caught some rays. Then I did what I love most: wandered around aimlessly, played down back roads, and climbed on pretty rocks, taking in the sights.

It was an amazing visit, and I can’t wait until fall.

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