Depression, Hard Weeks, and Why Nothing’s Wrong

March 24, 2021

Last week I felt like I’d gotten the wind knocked out of me.

Between major tech issues, personal stressors, unexpected financial things, and pushing my edges, it was a lot. My depression came up fast and hard, all I wanted to do was sleep, and all the emotions ran through me at a constant flow.

But nothing was wrong.

Things were actually as expected.

And while I rested and took care of myself, I didn’t stop.

I kept taking steps forward toward what I want and what I’m working to create. I resolved the issues quickly, dealt with the unexpected, and set new boundaries in my personal life where needed.

Today I’m sharing a bit of what that’s looked like and sharing a clip from a lesson I did on the Terror Barrier—the thing that happens every time we go for more, to some degree!

Start watching now…

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