Everyone Struggles, Let Yourself Feel It

March 23, 2021

Even the strongest people get hurt.
Even the most lively souls get tired.
Even the happiest people get sad.

Everyone struggles, even if they’re not showing it.

If you feel like you always have to wear the happy-go-lucky mask, I want you to know it’s okay to struggle sometimes—even if you’re the strong, lively, or happy one in your bunch.

It’s okay to cry, say you’re crushed, and ask for a break.
It’s okay to stop smiling and feel what’s there.

The best way to deal with struggle isn’t to pretend it’s not happening. The more you resist it, the tighter it’s going to hold its grip on you.

So allow yourself to show the world—and those you love—how you really feel. Tell the truth, wear it loud and proud, and feel it all fully. Take as much time as you need to feel it all the way through until it’s gone.

If someone makes it wrong, remember that you deserve better.

Maybe they’re just scared or overwhelmed because they haven’t processed their own feelings, but that doesn’t make it okay. That doesn’t mean you have to change or contort to make them comfortable.

That there are people who can fully meet you in your emotions, no matter how big, complex, or uncomfortable. But it all begins with you being willing to feel them for yourself—just as they are.

Let it out.

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