February Was…

March 5, 2014


Pre-half marathon training walks in the cool, brisk end of winter weather.

The continuation of my cleanse and learning to love eating healthy and simply.

Road trippin’ to Missouri, learning new card games and too many cookies.

“TMI” conversations with good friends AND new friends.

My largest group of members in Foundations for Unshakable Joy™.

The hiring of my new personal assistant and the big exhale that comes with her.

Snuggles, snow dustings and morning pages.

A booked ticket for World Domination Summit this July. Beyond stoked.

Creating an amazing manifesting 101 video with one of my favorites.

Lip gloss, curled locks, pigtails and polka dots.

Lessons in opening the throat chakra, metaphysical stores and Blue Lace Agate.

Game nights and gluten free, vegan lasagna cheat nights.

Conversations about energy with some phenomenal women.

Awesome new white boards hanging in the creative cave.

Fulfilling in the sweetest ways.

Expansive in the best, most spiritually nourishing ways.

Overwhelming in the most heart warming ways.

Exhausting in the most productive, learning-so-much-awesomeness ways.

And filled with alignment, in more ways than I can count.

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