It’s that time of year…

January 2, 2013

Wow, 2012 was quite a year.

The last few years have been phenomenal in their own ways… 2010 was one of the hardest, most stressful, amazing, life changing and exhausting years of my life. It broke me in so many ways I needed to be broken so that when 2011 rolled around, I could start taking the steps I needed to become the person I’m meant to be. I got back on my feet in 2011, financially and emotionally. This last year though, I really stepped into my truth and started living my life for ME and me alone. It’s been extraordinary.

Here are some highlights from this past year…


I invested in my health. I hired an awesome health coach, an amazing personal trainer, bought a juicer and read books about managing stress. Without these things (and people) I would not be on track to be in the BEST shape of my life. Not only that, I fell in love with working out. For the first time in my life, I’m not working out simply to “get in shape” or to obtain superficial results. I’m working out because it makes me feel strong and powerful, like I can take on anything. I feel solid in myself and my body… looking great just comes with the territory. 😉

I ended a relationship that was no longer serving me. It wasn’t easy and it hurt in many ways, but the growth I’ve experienced from and since it has been unbelievable. Releasing one thing from your life that no longer serves you, whether that’s a job or person, can absolutely open you up to amazing new things you never thought possible.

I found the perfect little studio apartment and learned how much I LOVE having my own home. I went from my parent’s house to living with my high school sweetheart. Between him and my next relationship, I really only lived alone for a few months at most. Living on my own this year has been so, so, SO amazing and freeing.


I traveled to Portland, the first trip I’ve ever taken by myself, just for me and with no agenda. I’m officially in love with traveling for the sake of seeing somewhere new. All my life it’s been about seeing family or attending a retreat or event. Traveling for pleasure and relaxation, or just to see somewhere new… that’s the way to do it.

I was invited to blog for The Huffington Post. I love to write and share my view of the world so it was such an honor to be invited to blog under the GPS for the Soul column alongside so many other men and women I admire and am inspired by.


I launched and ran my online program, Foundations for Unshakable Joy™ TWICE, and it was amazing. Both times. I love, love, love the women that I’ve been able to serve and support through this program. I’m so excited to be bringing it back this next year, bigger and better than ever. It’s a true honor and joy to be able to help these women take the steps necessary to build a life they love.

I invested in my business. I took two online programs, hired a project manager, brought on an amazing designer and built solid relationships with some talented developers. I hired my best friend to revamp my systems and streamline my processes, designed and built a brand new website, and have laid the foundation for some amazing things this coming year.


I skipped Christmas. Instead, I took the week and just relaxed, read, hung out with friends and decompressed. I did exactly what I needed to do despite what everyone else wanted. I also volunteered with Meals on Wheels and loved being able to contribute to someone else enjoying the holiday season during hard times. I’m thinking this will be a new tradition for me, volunteering on the holidays.

I did my first radio interview on WS Radio with Dr. Laura Ciel. It was a huge step for me as someone who used to break out in a sweat over the idea of a conference call with team members! I had so much fun and realized how much I love talking about overcoming the quarter-life crisis and creating a life you love! Click here to listen to the interview recording as well as read other guest posts I wrote last year.

I started dating. Something I swore endlessly that I would never, ever do. But you know what? Meeting new people is a lot of fun. Dating doesn’t have to be filled with pressure, expectations or games… it can just be about meeting new people and having a good time. I’ve also learned a LOT about myself, what I really want and what real connection feels like. Never settle for less than you deserve or desire. Ever.


I started running. I’ve always wanted to “be a runner,” but it’s never really been easy for me. I proudly finished The Color Run this fall and have begun training for the Great Aloha Run (8mi) and a half marathon next year!

I worked with TONS of amazing clients. My Foundations for Unshakable Joy™ ladies, one-on-one life coaching clients, business coaching clients, and launched over 35 client websites (among other fun and awesome design projects). I adore the people I get to work with and love that my clients are located all over the world!

I got serious about managing my finances and more than doubled my income. Since starting my own businesses, finances had always been a struggle. This was the first year that I made real money, was able to reinvest in myself and my business, and traveled for pleasure. I was featured also in Karie Hill’s ONE SHIFT: 25 Powerful Lessons in Abundance, Hustle & Happiness!

This last year had it’s own challenges, but I’ve never been happier.

Getting serious about my health and fitness, learning how to manage my income and following my heart and intuition has allowed me to experience a level of joy that I never have before. Even when things are hard, don’t go my way or just plain suck, I feel happy. I feel excited about life and all the possibilities. It’s been amazing to see how everything begins to fall into place once you get clear on who you are and what you want. Hustle, hard work, faith, intuition and having the most amazing people in my corner… I am truly blessed and am so excited for this next year.

I have big plans for 2013…

As I’m sure you do too! It’s been a really long time since I’ve made a resolution… but last year was the first year I chose a guiding word, abundance. I wanted to have the richest year of my life, financially and otherwise. This year? I’ve chosen CONNECT.

  • I want to connect with more people by writing a book, beginning to speak, holding live workshops, retreats and introducing Awesome Life TV™.
  • I want to connect with the people already in my life and build stronger, deeper and more fulfilling relationships. Friends, family… maybe even an amazing man.
  • I want to connect better with myself. My intuition is already super in tune, but I want to be better connected to my truth, my body and my spirituality.

This guiding word influences all my goals and priorities for the year, I have lots of new and exciting things in the works and I’m so honored to have you in my community. THANK YOU for being a part of my life and business this past year, I absolutely love hearing from my readers so if there’s any way I can support YOU in making 2013 the BEST year of your life, please let me know. 🙂

Tell me about your year!

I want to hear some of your 2012 highlights. 🙂

Leave a comment below and let me celebrate them with you.


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