My First Visit to Telluride, Colorado Was Incredible

June 12, 2021

Deciding to leave Colorado next spring feels deeply right and aligned, and it’s created such an unexpected internal shift that wasn’t here—even a year ago—when I first realized that I wanted to leave.

This valley that’s felt stagnant and no longer my home for so long suddenly feels soft and supportive.

A safe and loving space that’s held me and can now shape me in all the ways what’s next requires. The perfect chance to experience everything I haven’t before I go, building my skills and living my joy with even more intention.

Instead of a lengthy limbo, it now feels like a pocket of transformational transition.

I have favorite places I’ll be visiting again and again before I go, but I’m also trying to explore all the places I’ve never been to.

This week I made it out to Telluride for the first time, and it was absolutely breathtaking!

I played on my new bike (which I seriously love and will tell you the story of how it came to be on the new blog soon!), met interesting people from all over, and relaxed in the cool, breezy forest.

I love these Rocky Mountains that raised me, and I plan to follow them to my next home, one way or another.

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