My New Favorite Colorado Camping Spot

August 28, 2021

Solo travel brings me home to myself.

There’s something about moving at my own pace and exploring the way I love that makes me feel most like me.

It’s not that I don’t also enjoy traveling with other people.

I’ve been on really fun trips with ex-partners and friends alike. And traveling with family can also be sweet, even if it does have a bit more tension.

But being able to dance it out to my favorite tunes or simply flow and meander all over how I feel pulled is the best. Not having to deal with a ton of stuff (I’m a low-maintenance traveler for sure). I don’t have to stay put somewhere because other people aren’t as fluid as I am (most people like to set up shop and stay there for a while). I’m not having to make any stops that aren’t because I want or need to stop. Or, in contrast, making all the roadside attraction stops to have new experiences!

And, of course, being able to explore mid-week when everyone’s at work!

This week I finally got to visit a campsite I’ve wanted to stay at but was always too full.

It’s an unbelievable spot, with such a spectacular view.

Because I rolled out on a Thursday now that school is back in session, no one else was there. It was heaven. I watched the storm roll through around me and just laid in the back of the rig and took in the sights, pondering possibilities and big life plans.

There aren’t a lot of places I want to revisit before I leave Colorado (I’m really getting to be over it here, lol), but this is one I will be coming back to for sure!

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