Why You Can’t Find Your One Purpose in Life

August 29, 2021

Some people really struggle to identify what their one purpose is in life.

They begin to believe something is wrong with them, but really they’re just not wired to have one path.

In this new video, I’m talking about what it means to be multi-passionate and how to embrace what makes you unique and different. I’m covering:

  • Why you can’t find your one purpose in life (0:10)
  • The confusion around passions, callings, and expressions (1:07)
  • You have to understand this to live your purpose in life (2:53)
  • What hinders your ability to do what’s right for you (5:42)
  • Critical questions you have to ask yourself (6:25)
  • The big lie we often buy into that derails us (7:35)
  • Understanding your unique gifts (9:02)
  • How to explore your right purpose path (10:09)

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