Workshop #5: The Frequency of Freedom—Navigating Systems to Build a Fully Aligned Life


Tuesday, July 19th at 5pm ET

In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to be free in a world that actively seeks to limit us, how to cultivate an unwavering sense of peace amidst chaos, and what full alignment means to you.
  • How systems work, how to identify them (hint: they’re everywhere!!), and how they shape our subconscious beliefs and worldview, causing harm and damage.
  • The art of not taking things personally or taking on others’ energy and beliefs so that you can navigate life without losing yourself or your purpose in the process.
  • How to navigate stressful experiences without costing yourself your health or sanity so you can stay cool, calm, and collected, free to make truly conscious choices.
  • The most potent mindset shift you can integrate to experience the full frequency of freedom regardless of what’s happening, who tries to hurt you, or what goes wrong.
  • The powerful practice that allows you to operate from fruitful soil and a clean slate at any moment, regardless of what’s happened (or continues to happen.)
**This workshop is only available for purchase through midnight EST on Monday, July 18th! The replay will be available for ONE WEEK if you cannot attend live, and you can ask questions in our private Telegram channel.

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