Workshop #1: The Science of Magnetism—Create What You Desire with Ease


Tuesday, June 21st at 5pm ET

In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why we end up in ruts and periods of stagnation, and how to move yourself out of one more quickly so that you can get back in motion on your big goals.
  • The three components of magnetism and where you’re presently getting blocked or tripped up so that you can free yourself to move forward more effortlessly.
  • How to quickly shift out of fear and into the frequencies of supported, aligned, and magnetic so that you no longer stall the process of calling in what you want.
  • The single most critical factor for leveling up quickly and how to move through this work at an exponentially accelerated pace so that you’re no longer sabotaging yourself.
  • How to build and compound magnetism even when you’re in the depths of intense struggle, chaos, heavy emotions, or you’re feeling stuck at “rock bottom.”
**This workshop is only available for purchase through midnight EST on Monday, June 20th! The replay will be available for ONE WEEK if you cannot attend live, and you can ask questions in our private Telegram channel.

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