Are You Ahead of Your Time?

August 6, 2012

Have you ever received deep clarity around what’s next or best for you? Maybe it’s a sudden realization that the person you’re with is not “the one.” Maybe it’s that you’re not meant to be a lawyer, you’re meant to be a writer. Or maybe, it’s clarity around the next big thing you’re supposed to do in your life or career. It’s an awesome space to be… clear, excited, itchin’ to take action.

But then, nothing happens.

For every two steps forward you take one, or sometimes five, steps back. No doors appear to be open (they seem to be slamming shut). You’re suddenly financially obligated to something and can’t make moves. The relationship gets a little better and you stay put.

Whether it’s non-action on your part or the world seems to be working against you… NOTHING HAPPENS. You’re frustrated, depressed, feeling trapped and completely unsure of your ability to connect with your intuition. You were so sure. Positive. Excited… what gives?

Not to worry, you’re just ahead of your time.

Some of us are just so tapped into our intuition, or simply in the right frame of mind at the right time to receive profound and near psychic visions, that we receive early. Not all intuitive hits or visions for yourself are necessarily about what’s to come RIGHT NOW.

Sometimes it’s simply acting as guidance.

Prepare yourself, this isn’t the right relationship and it’s going to end soon.

You’re meant to do bigger things in this world, start exploring how you can make that happen.

You’re going to have another baby, start getting your relationship in order.

You’re meant to write, so start saving up and start writing.

Sometimes, it’s just not time… yet.

When things don’t just “fall into place” after your moment of clarity, it means that there’s something you need to learn, experience, or release before that vision can come to fruition.

I knew long before I was finally able to take the leap that I was meant to work for myself. That didn’t mean I was able to just flip a switch and make it happen. Quite the opposite… Before I could make it happen, I had to do a heck of a lot of learning, growing, trial and error, and earning some serous life experience FIRST. It wasn’t time just because I could see it. It wasn’t time, just because I knew.

It was time, when it was time.

So when you find yourself stressed and depressed because something hasn’t come together, despite that fact that you were so sure, be patient. Trust in the fact that it’s yours and it’s coming… but first? You have something to do, and THAT will be revealed to you when the time is right. Sit back, stay open, and enjoy the ride! You’ll be there when you’re supposed to be there.

I know it can be hard to be patient, but you have to learn to trust the process. All things come to those who trust, have patience, and show up for what they need to experience, FIRST.

Take Action Now

Think back on your own experiences of clearly knowing something, only to have to wait. What had to happen for you to finally get there? What did you have to learn or experience? Now think of something that you so clearly see for yourself now that’s not happening. What can you do right now to begin trusting in the process?

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