Around Here

July 24, 2021

Around here I’m loving the thunderstorms and cooler weather. It’s a little scary in the southwest to see lightening when it’s so dry. But thankfully the storms have come with a lot of precipitation as well.

Around here I’m having epiphany-filled days that are rocking my world. A string of holy-whoa awarenesses it feels like I’ve waited six painfully long years to experience, without ever realizing how needed they were. Oh, friends. I cannot wait to share my next book with you. I cannot wait to share these stories and realizations and the gifts the greatest heartbreaks of my life have given me.

Around here I’m having days of genuine gratitude for every “wrong” turn and every misaligned experience that both broke me down and pieced me back together. I love this life. I love exactly where I am. And I feel so appreciative of all the frustration and grief that brought me to this moment.

Around here I’m chasing the sunflowers before they all burn up from the heat. They bring me such joy and delight, every single one of them!

Around here I’m officially training for a half-marathon again! I also want to go on some mountain trail runs this fall, which means getting even more serious about my hydration, sleep, nutrition, and training. I’ve done some solid intervals at the track before lifting weights at the gym in the mornings! I’ve had perfect, breezy temps.

Around here I’ve been seeing strings of 1’s everywhere I look when I’m doing the work to integrate new ways of being and anchoring into all the visions and desires in my heart. This has always served as a potent and telling wink from the universe that I’m on the right track. I just didn’t realize how long it’s been.

Around here I’m reclaiming more and more of myself every days. Pieces that went missing with loss and ways of being that got shut down or limited from trauma. Full expression of self is a never-ending focus for me, and allowing more of myself to come through has been deeply liberating and expansive. It’s scary and hard to push certain edges, but I’m choosing better and better people and experiences as I grow. I’m co-creating safer spaces and far more anchored in what I want. The rest of this year and my remaining time in Colorado is going to be magical beyond belief.

Around here I’m feeling grateful for my people. The ones who fight with me when I need to see what I can’t see in myself. The ones who push and support my never-ending growth and healing. The ones who pause, reflect, and learn when they get it wrong, allowing us both to love each other better and more deeply. The ones who listen with gentle, open hearts when I can’t stop sobbing, or I’m stuck in a loop on something I’m trying to sort through. The ones who cheerlead my every win, even the seemingly small and insignificant steps toward what I want. The ones who see me, fully and completely, listen deeply and hold space for my truth.

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