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August 25, 2021

Around here, I’m feeling like myself again after an emotional and tumultuous first half of the year. More and more every day, all while stepping into new ways of being and next-level living. I will remember this year for many things, but primarily for how it finally forced me to raise my self-worth (which was long overdue). “I’m here, and I matter too” began as a quiet, desperate plea, often anchored in feelings of abandonment and crazy-making moments. But it grew louder and more steady the more I listened to it, taking root as a truth to live by rather than a constant fight for acknowledgment. Sometimes my heart still hurts at how long it took me to learn this lesson (and all the ways I had to), but the gratitude for all it’s brought with it as I love, honor, and respect myself more profoundly has been well worth it.

Around here, I’m appreciating good company, delicious food, and new experiences abound. I’m grateful for video chats filled with laughter and long conversations that go on late into the night. I’m loving how quickly the universe is reflecting all the internal shifts I made this summer, and thankful I was so willing to lean into the gut-wrenching healing work. Sowing those next-level seeds is never easy, but reaping the fruits of our growth work always makes it worth the toiling away.

Around here, I’m co-working with good friends again, and it’s oh so fun! I can’t remember the last time I co-worked, but it’s such a lovely experience to move between working on my big, exciting projects and talking about life and epiphanies and growth and healing with sweet souls that just get it and can go there.

Around here, I’m loving the pops of fall showing up in the trees and air around us. Fall is my favorite season and always feels like a new beginning. Probably because I’m a fall baby, and I’m already so clear on my guiding word for this next jaunt around the sun. I’ll share it soon in its own post.

Around here, I’m feeling deeply at peace. Having reached a point of closure I never thought would come, grieving all there was to grieve and giving myself permission to let go of what no longer feels safe and nurturing to my heart. This moment, where I am right now, was what I anchored into at the start of the deeper healing and clearing work. Knowing it would be downright awful and intense, I reminded myself that this moment of true peace and freedom would come, and it would be worth every heartbreaking and soul-stretching moment along the way.

Around here, I’ve been writing like a fiend. Working on my book, creating my new workbooks, writing longer posts for the blog, and creating “pillar content” for our SEO goals. It’s a lot, but I love it. I’m happiest when I’m creating, and how much and how frequently I’m writing is always a tell about my current state of mental and emotional health. Which is to say, I’m in the flow and feeling fantastic.

Around here, I’m enjoying speaking more frequently on other people’s podcasts and the connections I’m forming because of it. I love sharing my message, and I love collaborating with other purpose-driven individuals. We’re overdue for bringing Tales from the Journey back for season two, and I’m excited to start recording those interviews again (along with more solo episodes!)

Around here, I’m anchoring into new ways of being, really calling forward that next level me. She’s a badass, and one of the coolest people I know, but it’s a constant process of tuning in, reorienting, and making new choices that are scary and unsettling. It’s adopting new habits and practices and ways of moving through the world that are pushing and stretching me something fierce. But I’m doing it, and I can’t wait to see how all of life reconfigures around me because of it.

Around here, I’m stepping up my fitness game even more. It’s physically and mentally exhausting in all the best ways. I’ve always loved pushing my limits, and this go-’round is no different. It’s incredible to see how rapidly we can change.

Around here, I’m learning so much about neuroscience, manifestation, raising our self-worth, and re-patterning our subconscious. Letting go of social media and the ways I habitually checked it has created all this space. I find myself filling it with more podcasts, books, and nourishing information.

Around here, I’m reminded that life is short, though it’s not something I ever really forget. Still, hearing of death and illness around me (not to mention the global uptick with Delta) reminds me how important it is to prioritize what we value most right now. To make time for what and who matters and to create what I’m here to create. I’m “boringly healthy” right now, but I’m aware that could change at any moment. Coming up on 37 this November has me thinking a lot about what’s most important to me and how to align myself even more deeply.

Around here, I’m back on my mountain bike after some time away! It was either too hot or too muddy for a while there, but I’m excited for the temperatures cooling down as fall approaches, and there are so many places I want to ride. The best part of getting back out there after a while was seeing how strong my legs have become!

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