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November 8, 2014

Around here, I’ve been tube feeding a very sick cat, the little love of my life who got very sick a couple weeks ago and gave his mama a good scare. There have been lots of snuggles, tons of tears, oddly shaved patches of fur (on him, not me), long days, and a lot of positive thinking.


Around here, I’m holding my first Acupressure sessions and loving every moment of them. Holding space for the people I love and watching their stress, worries, fears, hurts, and pains disappear though such a simple process is amazing. Beyond thrilled to bring this to a wider audience.


Around here, I’m learning a new level of time management… which includes delegating like a boss, blocking off my calendar, and figuring out how to move past the things that keep me from actually sticking to the schedules I create. I’m realizing how much more time and freedom I can have if I master this tricky art.


Around here, I’m exploring intuitive energy work with a beautiful soul, and feeling the call (yet again) to step more deeply into the healing work I know I’m here to do. As with all things, this tiny nudge from the Universe is turning into a strong push, and I’m so ready to take the plunge and venture down this new path. It’s time. Time to be the healer, light worker, leader, and force I’m here to be, and to help others do the same in their lives and work.


Around here, I’m back from Mexico where I watched my older sister marry the love of her life. I danced my booty off, ate too much guacamole, survived a night in the jungle (with bugs in the luxury hotel room – it’s never a good sign when a room comes with a complimentary can of Raid), saw Mayan ruins, experienced Dia de Los Muertos, and explored the adorable little town of Campeche.


Around here, I’m grateful to be closing out a decade of my life from such a solid place.

I thought about writing a 20 things I learned in my 20s post, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Truth is, everything on this blog is what I learned in my 20s. It was incredibly hard, challenging, soul stretching, tear inducing, and tumultuous at times, and one of the greatest times of my life. But I’m grateful to close it out and walk into my 30s feeling incredibly clear on who I am and what I’m here to do. Life is good, and I finally feel like a grownup. 🙂

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