Around Here (End of Summer Edition)

September 5, 2013


After catching a mid-summer cold that knocked me on my butt, I’ve been taking things much slower and more gently. Refocusing on my morning routine has been a priority for me. I wake up around 7am and have some green tea and breakfast. I write in my journal, do a short meditation most days, and follow it up with some movement. Right now, I’m giving “gentle” a go and have been taking long walks outside and doing yoga!

What I’ve learned, time and time again, is that my morning routine is so essential to my health and happiness. Getting to bed and waking at the ideal times for ME (10pm – 7am). I’m not one of those people who doesn’t need much sleep… I need a lot. I’ve been drinking some bedtime chamomile tea and reading, then hitting the hay as close to 10pm as I can. When I roll out of bed around 7am, I feel much more refreshed!

Writing, meditation and movement are important pieces of my morning routine. They clear my head, center me and make me feel energized and ready for the day. When I also make sure to have a clean breakfast (like the sugar-free fruit and nut oatmeal above) I make healthier choices all day long and just feel awesome.

In addition to focusing on my morning routine, there’s been drives to the mountains, artsy and crafty projects, reading of fiction books (I haven’t read fiction in YEARS), clean eating and lots of rest. I’ve run myself down, which I plan to post about here soon, so I’m trying something different: rest, ease, gentleness and more rest. 

Historically, I’ve been a pretty crazy overachiever and I can crack the whip hard on myself… it serves it’s purpose, but I feel drawn towards a different approach to life, business, working out and everything else. Gentleness and ease.

My guy made me that beautiful pendant above. It’s fossilized walrus tusk, which means it’s cruelty free, and he carved a Hawaiian scene on it to remind me of where we met. I love it so much and wear it often! He’s pretty amazing.

Having lived in Hawaii for so long, I’m kind of “off” on the seasons, but I’m looking forward to fall so much this year. Winter, not so much. But fall, yes. 🙂

How are you enjoying these last days of summer?

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