Clarity Is Valuable, If You Are Ready for It

March 13, 2020

Clarity’s a tricky thing, because it doesn’t always come when we want it the most. Clarity often comes when we’re ready to act upon what we find. When we’re open and receptive to being guided.  

For years, I’d been searching for answers.

Why do I feel so out of place sometimes?
Is this what’s my life going to be like from now until forever?
Am I ever going to be doing something bigger and greater than this?

My moment of clarity came when I least expected it. And it wasn’t some pretty and inspiring moment. Actually, my moment of clarity arrived during times of hardship and heartache and many tears. Clarity managed to find me when I needed it the most… but now I also know clarity found me because I was ready to act upon it.

Are you? 

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