I Can Be Swift, but I Try Never to Be Rash

September 12, 2021

I can be swift to make really big life decisions, but I try never to be rash.

Swift is a calm, inner knowing that something is right or aligned. It’s anchored in what I desire and what needs to happen to get there. Getting to a decision quickly is a powerful skill to cultivate when making big things happen, especially when our subconscious can easily kick in and sway us away from what’s best.

Rash is emotional and reactive. It’s often some mixture of unhinged and upset, volatile and unpredictable. It doesn’t come from a place of deep truth or an inner knowing, and there’s nothing anchored or centered about it.

It takes a lot of emotional skill and self-awareness to avoid rashness.

Being an enneagram four, I’m a highly emotional person.

I mean, seriously. I’m all feelings all the time. 😅

It was nearly impossible for me to be anything other than rash when I was younger, with emotions so big and overwhelming and very little sense of self.

I was reactive and dramatic about everything.

I’m still a person with very big, strong, and intense emotions, but I’m far more centered and grounded. My feelings can consume me at times, but I’m always aware that it’s happening and why. I know the different flavors and frequencies between big, grounded emotions and the big, reactive ones.

So yes, I can decide to move across oceans, end relationships, and kill aspects of my business swiftly, but it’s never rash or reactive.

And it often happens because of the deep trust I’ve built in myself and my intuition.

When I’m feeling rash and reactive, I do whatever I need to ground myself. I take space from conversations (even right in the middle of them), set my phone or computer to the side (so I don’t fire off anything I’ll regret), and don’t take any action until I’m centered again (sometimes implementing the 24-hour rule).

When I feel my intuition speaking to me clearly, I act on it as quickly as possible before my subconscious starts to talk me out of it. To many, this seems rash and impulsive, and I get it. It happens based on a specific feeling in my body, and I make massive changes seemingly out of nowhere. But I trust myself and my intuition. Even though it can happen instantaneously after I get a random hit, it’s often after a period of sitting with a decision and waiting for guidance to drop in.

Discernment, friends. Always.

Only you can discern between what’s swiftness and when you’re being rash, but it requires a hell of a lot of self-awareness and emotional skill. If you’re unsure, take some time to center yourself and anchor into your body’s wisdom.

And if you’re sure, trust yourself and act accordingly.

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