So Excited to Be Back on the Road

September 11, 2021

So excited to be back on the road!

The Rig needed new shoes after getting a few flats.

And I finally got myself in and got some new tires put on.

Fingers crossed that helps reduce the risk of nails on back roads. 🤞🏼

Since I was already out west (where I’ve been spending far more time lately), I decided to just continue on to Moab, even though it’s a billion degrees still.

I had a great evening.

I went into town and got some food while it was still hot out, and I worked on the new Journey Mapping workbook and listened to some live music.

Then I had a lovely evening under the stars.

It was peaceful and quiet.

In the morning, I got up early to do one of my favorite hikes.

It’s a fairly mellow hike through a canyon to a natural bridge. And it’s absolutely beautiful! It tends to get busy here, but early Friday morning wasn’t too bad.

Check it out on AllTrails.

Then, I found a spot by the river for some sun and swimming!

When the temps for Moab are at 97°, you’d better believe I pack my swimsuit.

There was no one else around, and it was awesome.

I’m so done with Colorado.

This has become very apparent to me recently.

While I’ll for sure be enjoying the beautiful fall season with all the aspens changing, I’m also excited to spend more time in Moab as it cools down.

I’ve honestly not been very interested in my bucket list because I’m just done.

I’ll make the most of my last handful of months here, and I’m also letting it be okay that I’m done. I don’t have to force it, and I’ve spent so much of my life here that I know I’ve already enjoyed a lot of what Colorado has to offer. There are some winter activities I definitely want to experience, but other than that, it may be time to venture more into Utah, Arizona, and Wyoming until I leave.

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