Things I Love (September)

September 10, 2021

This is a series I’ve wanted to bring back for a little while, and now it’s time!

I have friends creating amazing things that I want to share, and as I’ve been diving deeper into business-focused research, I keep coming across incredible stuff!

So, here are some things I love right now that you may too…

Please note, some links may be affiliate links.

IMBY // I stumbled across this site during some of my visibility research and fell in love. IMBY is a virtual community center for people who give a shit about co-creating a more just and equitable future. Their membership operates on a self-selecting sliding scale ranging from $15-$75, “aligning with our values of transparency, anti-capitalism, and accessibility,” as noted on their site.

The Travelers // This is my dear friend Nathanial’s podcast that he just relaunched after a long hiatus! His first episode back is “What is Resistance and How You Can Overcome It Using Wonder,” and it’s really something special.

To Be Magnetic // Lacy’s work is changing the game for me! Everything she teaches (as well as all the deeper process work) focuses on raising our self-worth, which is right in line with my focus this year. Plus, the Expanded podcast is so inspiring and supportive, with beautiful stories from her community members.

Break Up Bestie // I stumbled across Kendra’s work while deep down some rabbit hole as I worked to fully heal from my last relationship ending, and I really love so much of her message. She has an inspiring and healing podcast and a ton of great information on going no contact for the right reasons. Her work truly helped me land on no contact as the best approach for me to finally heal and leave my unhealthy enmeshment and trauma bond behind for good.

Indie Travel Collective // My friend Annie launched this incredible space, and I’m so in love with her and everything she does! It’s a community of like-minded travelers excited about seeing the world, and she gives you everything you need to create the travel experience of your dreams (and find great deals!)

Fuck Work // This hilarious coloring book is from my friend Sarah, who’s Sorry for Your Boss brand is much needed in the workforce right now. The fact that she made this product makes me love her brilliant brain even more than I already did.

Alexis Smart Flower Remedies // I’m currently in my first week of using Whole Hearted, and I have to say, I’m in love. I’m always an “open-minded skeptic” with things like this, but it’s been… wow. I’ll write a separate post about it soon.

Jan Marini Skincare // This line hasn’t been easy for my skin to adjust to, but the products are incredible! My skin is definitely looking fresher with a certain glow, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it continues to change over time. I currently use the Age Intervention® Retinol Plus and the C-ESTA® Face Serum.

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