Don’t Miss Out on the Good Still Available to You

June 9, 2021

If something isn’t going to last forever, we often miss out on the good still available to us by resisting the unavoidable changes.

We fight hard to keep from facing and being with it because it hurts too much. We turn away or let it go prematurely.

I get it.

The mess of grief and joy can be confusing. To feel happy and present while walking toward an ending you don’t want.

And, there’s a special kind of magic and expansion if you can allow yourself to experience both. The sadness, the coming release, the heartbreak of it all. Right there alongside the contentment and pleasure of enjoying the people or things you love.

Change and transition are complex, and avoidance, numbing, or stuffing are far too easy and accessible at any given time.

But what if you were present with the things you love and are having to let go of while you have a chance to be? What if you kept your heart open despite the tremendous pain? What if you could make the most of these remaining moments, even as they begin to come and go, one by one?

Discernment, always.

Some things are better to release as soon as you know there’s limited time left. And some things are worth the disorienting and expansive experience of grief and joy combined. Some things are worth being present with as much as you’re able before they’re gone. Only you know what’s best for your heart.

Notice where you’re holding back out of fear or choosing to avoid and hide so as not to feel the pain of it. And get honest about what’s worth seeing through until the end so you can enjoy it while you have the chance.

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