Embrace the Woo: Reading Tarot

January 21, 2016

Ever since I started embracing the “woo,” my life has become insanely magical, more in flow, and filled with divine guidance and inspiration.

I used to think the woo was silly.

When I had friends that pulled Angel Cards or had gemstones, I would smile, but scoff on the inside. “How could someone base a decision in their life off of a card they bought in a store?” I would wonder. It seemed ridiculous to me… even though I was doing work to connect more deeply to my intuition.

And while I’ve deepened my spiritual practices, intuition, and connecting with that divine source that seems to have a tug on every single thing in this life… I remain an “open minded skeptic” to all things woo. Yet I’m continually proven that when we open our hearts and minds, and we actively create containers for that wisdom to show up, we truly connect to something greater than ourselves. God, spirit, source, universal energy, flow… whatever resonates for us.

Reading Tarot has been one of those things for me.

I popped into a local metaphysical store a couple summers ago and was having a look around, when suddenly I was drawn to the shelf filled with Tarot decks. I immediately pulled at one box and knew it was meant to come home with me. By this time, I’d dabbled in gemstones, was going through certification training for energy work, and was very curious about the world of Tarot.


I was a total skeptic. I didn’t think for a moment that I would actually get anything more than a laugh or some new home decor out of these beautifully illustrated cards.

Boy was I wrong.

Every time I’ve read Tarot I’ve been blown away by the accuracy of it. Blown. Away. I read it for the first time after a breakup, and that breakup showed in the cards. I read it again after that same ex boyfriend committed suicide, and his death showed up in the cards. His death continued to show up in the cards for months to come. When new connections were made and I would consult the cards, they had startling accuracy around the outcome of the connection. They showed travel when I was booked to travel. They showed my hopes and fears and the reality of my situation in life and work. When I met my love, they described him perfectly.

Honestly, every time I sit down to read Tarot, I’m absolutely positive that it will be the time the cards finally make no sense. That, “this will be the time I’m proven right that Tarot is ridiculous and silly.” But I never have been. Not once.


People are often intrigued by Tarot, as I was… but they’re scared. They’re scared to “know the future” in areas that they’re feeling vulnerable or unsure about.

Tarot doesn’t predict the future.

That’s not how it works. What Tarot does is create a container for divine wisdom and guidance to show up.

We look for signs from God and the Universe every single day, and listen when we feel we’ve found them… but sit down to create that container for signs and messages and divine guidance to show up, and we get a little freaked out.

Here’s what I know to be true: everything is energy and energy is everything. And all Tarot does is show what energies are at play around a specific question, relationship, problem, or issue. It brings light to that which we can’t see, and lays it out alongside that which we already know to be true. And based on the energies at play and the direction things are moving, it gives us a possible outcome.

If we don’t like the outcome, we shift the energy of the situation, with help from the insight inside the cards. It’s that simple and amazing and divine.

Whatever you feel drawn to, lean in. Maybe it’s gemstones or Tarot cards. Maybe it’s angel cards or goddess rituals. Maybe it’s some yoga and meditation. Prayer. The divine and spirituality can feel strange and silly, because they’re intangible. But just like the power of tuning into your intuition and listening to signs in the world around you, the woo is filled with miracles, wisdom, and deeply connected guidance. Just lean in to what’s tugging at your heart and soul.

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