Upper Limits and Engaging with “What Is”

November 13, 2018

I’ve been upper limiting like whoa lately. It would actually be amusing if it hadn’t been so stressful and emotional for the last couple days.

And yet, despite all the ridiculousness that is upper limiting, I’m fully aware that is what’s happening. It’s just the upper limit. It’s just my subconscious creating and latching onto distractions in an attempt to get me to go back towards what’s safe and familiar. It’s just a thing that happens whenever I move to the next level in life, love, work, finances, etc.

Part of what helps me move through it is to focus on engaging with “what is”, rather than assigning meaning and making it into more than it is in my mind… as well as choosing not to engage in it and to just navigate my way to the other side. I made a vlog about it… 💕

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